shulamit-elson-soundprayer-medisoundsShulamit Elson works with individuals, groups, corporations and complementary care organizations, providing effective tools and teachings to enhance creativity and well-being.shulamit-elson

Through Shulamit's leading-edge Medisounds® process, you will learn to:

• Reduce stress;
• Find your inner compass;
• Experience an abundant reality, inner peace, and a deep sense of meaning and connection;
• Generate compassion to yourself and others, improving relationships and bringing self knowledge;
• Joyfully work, play, love -- without the need to retreat from the world or follow a guru.

shulamit-elsonIf you are ready to change yourself and your world, contact Shulamit  to learn how MediSounds can enrich your life.



medisounds for sleep_2Shulamit is proud to announce the launch of “MediSounds for Sleep” her new MediSounds® App for the iPhone  which is available through the Apple App store. An Android version will be available at a later date. shulamit-elson

MediSounds for Sleep uses vocal sounds based on the MediSounds meditation system to empty your mind of distracting and agitating thoughts, allowing you to gently fall into restful and restorative sleep. shulamit-elson

To find the MediSounds sleep App, simply type the words “MediSounds” and “sleep” into the app search bar. 


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The MediSounds® Meditation Process consists of the vocalization of specific sounds made with the human voice. Through its combinations of sounds directed toward our bodies and its various energy centers, it brings to consciousness the conflicts and issues that block our progress and speeds our awakening and our healing. ...Read more ...
The Great Octave Foundation brings the benefits of the MediSounds Process to groups of individuals seeking relief from trauma and illness. Click here to visit the Great Octave website.

Sleep tight with “MediSounds for Sleep”, Shulamit Elson's new MediSounds® App for the iPhone  which is available through the Apple App store. An Android version will be available at a later date.
Click here to view a short video about the new app